About Julia

It was not that long ago that I was the Controller of a printing company.  So how did I go from that to becoming an NMT Practitioner and Health Coach?  I found that the stressful life I was leading was not allowing me to care for myself the way I should.  Stress, anxiety, poor food choices, lack of exercise all played a part in weakening my body.

I learned important lessons from this experience: img_0101_2.jpg

  • First, it is too easy to ignore our bodies and not take care of ourselves. (So I made some tough choices in order to better care for myself.)
  • Also, there are ways that we can head towards optimal health using holistic/homeopathic means.  (Therefore, became a  Holistic Health Coach)
  • And finally, I was reminded that our bodies are amazingly able to heal themselves should we provide it with what it needs. (So, I became an NMT Practitioner)

What amazing improvements I have personally seen.

NMT (NeuroModulation Technique), dietary and lifestyle changes, and proper self care have all been a part of my healing.

My goal in life then became turning my desire to help and care for others into a reality.

Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching.

Visit my personal website

Visit NMT website

Visit Integrative Nutrition’s website

Are you curious about how health coaching can help you? Let’s talk. Schedule a free initial consultation with me today.

My next logical step has become sharing all the wonderful knowledge I have gained.  I do not want to keep this all to myself.  Therefore, I started this blog and will be writing articles and books to help all of us stay healthy. (You do get my newsletter, don’t you?)

So, if there is a topic you’d like to hear about, please send me a note and I’ll gladly include it in a future article/blog.

Let’s get healthy together!!!


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