If You Really Love Me, You Would ……

As she stared into his deep brown eyes, she heard, “but if you really loved me, you would help this one last time.”  She knows she does love him, but she also knows she can’t help.  Not even one more time.  He would only use the money to get drunk again.  To help would be to allow more pain and damage and eventually the damage can’t be repaired.

That is the all too common struggle of the family of the alcoholic, drug addict, gambler, chronic liar, thief, betrayer, manipulator, etc.  Why does loving someone sometimes mean such pain?  Where is the line between toleration of others and you’ve gone too far?   Continue reading


The Voice of Health and Happiness

We live in a world that has constant noise.  And there are so many views about what it takes to be healthy, happy, and successful.  Who are you listening to?   From the time we are little, we hear suggestions about what to eat, our career, who our friends should be, which new gadgets will free up our time or connect us with family.  So, who should you listen to? Me…heehee…no, really?  Who should we listen to? Continue reading