I want it ALL

Have you said that? Or thought it? How can we have it ALL?
First, you have to know what ALL means to YOU. Without comparison to anyone else, what would make you happy and feel fulfilled? I can hear you say: I don’t know.
Let’s figure it out! List the top areas of your life.

It should look something like this: Home, Career, Self, Spirituality, CommunityLife Balance Diagram by Stuart Miles
Then place a value for each. #1 for the most important, #2 for the next, and so on.
Now, give each a % value for the amount of time and attention it has in your life. (Make sure the sum of all these numbers equals 100%)

Circle the areas that you feel are out of balance.  For example, if your #1 item only gets 10 % of your time or attention, that may be out of balance a little.  Or if the last item on your list gets 40% or more.  These are just guidelines for you.  YOU have to choose what constitutes out of balance.

Now to the choices:

  • Do nothing.  NOT recommended.  This will lead to a lack of contentment, stress, heartache,    and disease.  Not to mention the fact that you will not be allowing the wonderful person you are inside to shine in this world.
  • Pick an area to start with.  Set a goal for 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year.  This will help you gradually work toward having it ALL.  You will also notice that as you work on the most important changes, other areas of your life will also start to balance out.
  • Solicit help.  Any change that you want to be durable cannot be done alone.  So, tell your friends, family, coworkers, etc what your goals are.  They may surprise you with great ideas!!!  Help can also come from counselors, therapists, health coaches.  Do not be ashamed to ask for help.  (My help is confidential: skills4health@hotmail.com)
  • Redefine what ALL means to you.  There are times when we compare ourselves to others, are way too harsh on what we expect from ourselves, and/or want to change something we have no control over.  Being in these ruts will stifle you.  So, finding a way to break these cycles is essential.  One place to start is counting your blessings.  it has been said: “it is not the happy heart that is thankful, it is the thankful heart that is happy.”

We all want to be happy and to thrive in this world.  It is NOT easy.  But together we can plow into the future and reap health and happiness.  Then we can truly say:


We have it ALL!!!

Life Balance Diagram by Stuart Miles